Alice Sebold: Biography

Alice Sebold

06 sep 1963

Who else can be a perfect example for utmost will power and sheer determination? Yes, Alice Sebold, who became an American writer with her debut novel ‘The Lovely Bones’ set herself as a role model for rapist victims in the world. By being an author, she proves that there is a lot to achieve and it is upon us to stand up and face the world.

From childhood, Alice did not receive much attention from her parents. It was during the first year of her graduation at the Syracuse University, that she was brutally raped in a tunnel on her way back home. Although the police could not find the suspect they said that Alice was lucky to be alive. Later, on seeing the rapist in the campus, courageous Alice informed police and assured that he was punished for his cruelty.

After this incident, Alice shut herself at home for many months. She motivated herself and returned to the university to complete her graduation. Although Alice Sebold used drugs occasionally and did many things which are not to be proud of, she never let anything stop her education. Alice studied poetry. She then moved to New York and lived there for ten years doing many jobs.

‘Lucky’, was a memoir of her horrible experience. But it did not come out well. It was Alice’s second book and first novel ‘The Lovely Bones’ created with the same subject that elevated her status. With mixed reviews, the book got a place in the New York Times Best Seller list for over a year.

Alice Sebold could not have asked for more. She became visible to her parents soon after the world saw her talent. ‘The Lovely Bones’ sold almost 3 million copies and was also adapted a movie. She also acquired MFA from University of California. It was here she met her husband Glen David Gold.

Having received many awards, she now lives in San Francisco. Alice Sebold has the habit of writing during dark hours. Even though she writes before sun rise, her life has inspired many to come out of dark and see the world of bright oppurtunities.