Alice Clayton: Biography

Alice Clayton

Alice Clayton is a New York Times, USA Today and international bestselling author from St. Louis, Missouri. Clayton did not begin writing her first novel until she was 33 years old. She had been working in the cosmetics industry for many years as a make-up artist and aesthetician before becoming a full-time writer. She has since written at least a dozen adult romance novels, and is becoming very popular for combining steamy storylines with a witty, light-hearted and at times enjoyably silly style of writing.

Clayton has said in interviews that she uses her own personality and experiences as inspiration, at least in part, for all of the female characters that she writes. She has spoken about how she enjoys being able to put something of herself into all of these different situations and to give herself life experiences that she would only ever be able to have on paper.

Alice is perhaps best known for her Cocktail series of romance novels. The first in the series, Wallbanger, is a whimsical erotic novel about a woman and her next door neighbour, and the exceptionally thin walls between their San Francisco apartments. After she hears a string of women visit his apartment one after the other, her mystery neighbour’s athletic prowess in the bedroom never seeming to falter, she decides to pay him a visit.

In her spare time, Alice Clayton enjoys baking and gardening. She lives with her husband and their Bernese mountain dog in St. Louis, Missouri.