Adrienne Woods: Biography

Adrienne Woods

Adrienne Woods is a famous author from South Africa. It is really hard for anyone to resist reading her books especially after seeing the cover pages. By just viewing the cover page, it is very obvious that our imaginations raise and the readers will be ready to travel to a different world. And this is exactly what Adrienne wishes, to take her fans to a fantasy world.

A resident of Johannesburg, Adrienne lives with her husband and her two beautiful daughters. Writing was her passion. On one fine day when she started to type in her husband’s laptop, it continued for pages and that’s how she started to write at the age of 29. Being a mom, it was not easy for Adrienne to allocate her time but she started to live her dream by writing daily when her kids went to school.

From her childhood, Adrienne had a craze for dragons and that’s how her first novel, ‘Firebolt’ and the remaining novels in the Dragonian series started. She continued to write many series like, ‘Dream Casters’, a paranormal series, another being, ‘Guardians of Monsters’. She also planned a woman’s fiction, ‘The Pregnancy Diaries’ to be published under a pseudonym. In addition to writing, Adrienne has recently launched her publishing company called Fire Quill Publishing. She is very much active on her blog too.

Adrienne is always a chill person. When not writing, she loves spending time hanging around with her friends, reading and reviewing books of other authors. She is also a host for a virtual tour company. Adrienne surely lives up to her dream and she suggests the same for all her fans.